Splogs – They continue to be a pain…

Splogs or spam blogs continue to pose a serious threat to search engines and the blogosphere. And the scary part is that they are continuing to grow at a faster rate than the regular blog growth. For the innocents, SLOGS like spam emails are useless and repetitive blogs ( read fake blogs) which are created programmatically with the help of special software packages and not by human beings.

Sploggers ( creators of splogs) generate thousands of blogs each day with these software packages. They then fill these blogs with crap content which is basically nonsense, irrelevant and repetitive in nature. This content is mostly stolen from other blogs by scraping i.e by sending an electronic copying bot which collects everything it sees and recreates it into an unlimited number of instant documents.

The stolen content is then jumbled around and put online for search engines to find them. They do not make any sense. The splogs are then filled with ads. They are annoying as you not only get fake blogs all pointing to the same site and without any text but only ads, you get fake comments on your blog too. They fake you into thinking that you are clicking on comments but you end up clicking the sploggers advertisement sites.

Now the question arises : Why do sploggers do this?

The main intention of the splogger is to siphon money from Google Adsense. By harvesting what other bloggers write and then publishing it on splogs and running Google adverts, they make Google Adsense dollars out of it when visitors click on these ads. ( As splogs offer ‘ zero ‘ value you end up clicking on these ads instead, and the splogger makes money.)

Their other intentions are –

  • To promote affiliated web sites by increasing it’s page ranking.
  • Use the splog as a link to get new sites indexed.
  • To drive customers to an obscure e-commerce site.
  • To get ad impressions from visitors.

They manipulate the blogosphere for profit, so report them if you come across them.


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