HTTP 404 – File not found (that annoying error message)

Everybody of us have got this annoying, least helpful message sometime or the other when we have typed in a URL to find a much awaited site and landed at this error page instead.

What is an HTTP 404 error message?

It is a little like the responseyou get in your regular postal services which says ‘ return to the sender – address unknown’ . It is basically a standard response code for a ‘ file not found ‘ error , indicating that the client was unable to communicate with the server. It is received when the webpage you are looking for has either been removed or deleted, you have typed the URL incorrectly or there is a broken link in the URL .

What does 404 stand for?

In the code 404, the first ‘ 4 ‘ indicates a client error like a mistyped URL.
the middle ‘ 0 ‘ refers to a general syntax error like a spelling mistake.
the last ‘ 4 ‘ indicates the specific error encountered like a bad request, unauthorized
request or a broken line in the URL.

So what to do when you get this error? Check to see if you have copied and pasted the URL correctly in your web browsers and there are no broken links.


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