Change your child’s outlook forever.

Your little darling is your ‘gift’  from God. A little praise directed towards your child will go a long way in changing your child’s life and re-arranging his attitude. An expression of warm approval and admiration will be like honey to their souls . It will boost their self esteem and leave a lifetime impact.

Here are a few ways of influencing your little people –

  • Whenever your child does something nice – praise him.
  • Take your child’s hand and squeeze.
  • Get silly together by acting out , singing silly rhymes, reciting tongue twisters or having a staring contest.
  • Give your child regular rides on your shoulders.
  • Rock your child and sing.
  • Say ‘ You are so creative .I wish I could do that.
  • Praise the small things.
  • Use terms of endearment however silly they might be.
  • File your child’s artwork and essays so that he or she can take pride in developing their skills.
  • Make bookmarks with your child’s photo and laminate them.
  • When your child makes a wise decision , praise him or her with ‘ What a smart choice ! That’s using your brain ! ‘
  • Snuggle in bed together . Let your child your affection and physical support.
  • Smooch’ em.
  • Give them a  ‘praise pop’ for something well done.
  •  Carry your child’s picture on your key chain.
  • Sometimes speak only in their secret made – up language.
  • Have a T-shirt made of your child’s picture on it and wear it often.
  • When you come home tired , take him or her on your lap and say’You know ! You are the bright spot in my day!
  • Ask your child’s opinion in something major like purchase of a car.
  • When you see your child , give him or her a big smile and hug and say ‘ Hi, How did I get such a fabulous kid?

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