Outsourcing homework – My neighbour writes my tables for me???

The other day read an article about kids outsourcing their homeworks. The reason being that they are hard pressed for time, have to manage studies and extra-curricular activities , project works , home works etc. and so they outsource their homeworks for a nominal fee.

Why do school pressurise kids to such an extent that they have to resort to such measures?

Why not give homework in moderation?

Don’t they realise that the very purpose of homework is defeated if children get it done by others with no contribution from their end?

We as kids used to take the help of our elders to do our homework , but getting it done completely by others was unheard of.

The purpose of homework is to make a child revise what he or she does in school . Children are given projects so that they do some research and so increase their knowledge base.

This trend of completely  outsourcing homeworks should be discouraged and schools should make it a point to give homeworks which is under the scope of the child to complete.


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