Internet Affiliate Marketing – How I understand it.

Today while reading my mail I came across many spam emails all offering me huge incomes if I joined their Affiliate marketing programs 🙂

They looked lucrative and got me tempted with their offers of quick and easy money. But being me , I did some research and would like to share my understanding with you all.

Internet marketing is the promotion of products or services through affiliates , who act as sales persons and earn commission on each sale. An affiliate promotes a product in order to earn revenue.Here the affiliate ( the referrer website ) sends traffic to the merchant website ( who owns the product ) through advertising or content.

The affiliate makes money either from  * Pay-per-sale
                                                         * Pay-per-click
                                                         * Pay-per-lead

Many people enter the affiliate market hoping to make quick money while doing minimum work. While affiliate marketing is the ‘ HOT ‘ business on the internet, just make sure to –

->Choose a product which interests you.
->Do not join too many affiliate programs hoping to make huge incomes , but first concentrate on a single affiliate program and promote it enthusiastically.


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