Kids need your time and not your money.

Come summer holidays and mothers put on their thinking caps , on finding ways to entertain their little ones. Summer camps are tooo.. expensive and then you never seem to find one near your home.

As a mother of two overactive kids , I spend time with my children doing these things –

*    We sit together and look up old magazines for do-it -yourself crafts.
*    Sing songs and ask funny riddles.
*    As my kids love colouring we go to the local mall and buy  lots  ofcolouring books and many a hot summers pass away with my kids having a great time colouring.
*   Play carroms , ludo and cards on warm summer afternoons.
*   Borrowing  story books from the local library to read is also one of their favourite summer activities.On school days they never get the time to read their favourite books.
*   Some days we pack a picnic basket and go to the zoo where we have a whale of a time watching the animals and playing games.
*   Other days we rent a kids movie,order a pizza and Boy ! do we enjoy ourselves!
*   My daughter who really loves dressing up was thrilled when we went shopping and bought a lot of colourful beads. I spent many a happy moments making necklaces and listening to her chatter.
*   Evenings in the park playing ball is a great fun activity and helps our family bond.

Friends, children need our time and love and not money . Our most cherished moments are those which we spend with them.


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