Peer pressure on your child

Peer pressure is one of the most common factors which affect child behaviour, albiet a little later in life. As your child grows and moves away from your sphere of influence , into the world of friends , his actions get influenced by peer pressure.

Peer pressure influences his life even without his realizing it.Now this influence is both positive and negative. You would not be complaining if it is a positive influence. Would you? So lets talk of the negative influence and what can be done about it.

Being a mother of a * just going to be teenager * and having a chat with him, I realised that children give in to peer pressure as they want to fit in the group. They want to be liked and are scared that they would be made fun of otherwise.

As a parent , we can reduce the negative influence of peer pressure by being there for our child. By taking time out to converse and listen to him. Give him a strong base and teach him to believe in himself. Inculcate in him self – confidence and inner strength and he will be able to say ‘ no ‘ to anything that goes against his feelings and beliefs.

Most important teach him to choose his friends wisely.


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