A child without a limit is like a sailor without a compass.

Limits are boundaries which we need to set for our children to act as guidelines for their healthy and safe growth and development.

Children need limits because –
* They are not mature enough to know the rights from the wrongs.

* It helps them to understand what is  socially acceptable and what is not.

* It helps them to be safe in an ever incresing dangerous world.

* It helps them from being physically hurt.

* It helps them to make difficult choices and without a guideline they would not always be able to make the best choice.

*It makes a child responsible for his own behavior.

* It makes him feel more safe and secure.

* It will give structure to his growth and help in his overall development.

* He will have less chances of getting into trouble.

Most important, please remember that limits should be set with the child’s age in mind and should be enforced consistently.


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